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How credits works?

Membership on the platform is free for customers and sellers. Who registers as a customer does not have to buy credits.
If you are a seller and want to include a list of materials on the platform, you must purchase a credits package.

We have given you 5 at the time of subscription so you can already put the materials on.

A portion of credits will be picked up upon receipt of each customer request. The amount of credit varies, you can find references in the table below.

Upon expiration of your initial receivables, or when you want, you will be able to purchase others in the Accounts section of your Account.
You can pay by PayPal or Credit Card. Just select the amount of credits and complete the transaction.

Once your credits have expired you will need to recharge your fund if you want to receive further requests. If there are no credits available, requests from customers are suspended.
Our platform makes it meet the demand and supply of the metal market. If you are a seller and have posted on the site one or more available products for sale, you will receive bids / quotations from customers interested in your products. Each request received has a relative cost in credits that varies according to material and quantity. Credits are scaled regardless of the conclusion of the deal.
there is no standard credit number for each request. The number of credits needed varies by material quantity. In the table below you will find the matches so you know how many credits you need for your request.